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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Farmer's Market is open for 2011!!!!

It was the first day of this year's market, so they had special events like sheep-shearing demonstrations and a visiting chef cooking up some of the day's offerings.  We were more interested in petting the wee little (4-day-old) lamb:
Who's a cute little sweater-and-curry-to-be?  You are!

The weather was foul - like 45F and drizzling sideways by the time we left (see the Medusa hairdo Liza is sporting above?) - and there were only half as many stalls as there will be in July and August, but that didn't keep the shoppers away.

We came home with a gallon of apple cider, a package of maple sugar candy, two jars of pickles, and some honey puffed corn.  It was amazing how much I missed going there when it was on hiatus for the winter.  I don't miss waking up early on a Saturday to go, nor do I miss carrying 20 pounds of produce back to the car, but I did miss the apple guy, and the meat guy, and the pie guy.  I missed the sellers' babies waving from pack-n-plays, and the kid selling watered-down lemonade for $1 a glass.  Heck, I even missed the dogs.

It's good to be back!

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