We're an ordinary family, complete with picky eaters, budget concerns, and time management issues. But to prove that "eating local" works - even for busy families in cooler climates - we're trading Chick-Fil-A and goldfish crackers for grassfed meat and local produce. Join our adventure in learning to eat (sort of) sustainably for the summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Week Two Menus

Week 2 - 
Indulgences: Liza - Chick-Fil-A meal, Jason - out of town, Gretchen - Chipotle meal

Friday Breakfast:
Liza - Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread
Gretchen - Organic oatmeal w/ raisins, pecans, and brown sugar

Friday Lunch:
Liza - Local string cheese, local apple, local sliced turkey
Gretchen - Leftover curry soup from before the experiment started, homemade bread with local cheese

Friday Dinner:
Liza - Scrambled eggs
Gretchen - Leftover local pitas stuffed with local scrambled eggs, organic spinach, local cheese, and leftover ham that was frozen since Easter

Saturday Breakfast:
Liza - Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread
Gretchen - Homemade bread with local cheese melted on it

Saturday Lunch:
Sandwiches with local sliced turkey, local cheese, on whole wheat bread; organic raisins; homemade peanut butter cookies

Saturday Dinner:
Liza - Raw broccoli, buttered noodles
Gretchen - Salad of local greens with local beets, local blue cheese, organic walnuts, organic sunflower seeds, homemade dressing; leftover chicken noodle soup from before the experiment started

Sunday Breakfast:
Liza - Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread
Gretchen - Homemade muffins (I froze half of the batch last week)

Sunday Lunch:
Liza - Local string cheese, local apple, organic raisins
Gretchen - Leftover asparagus soup with added leftover ham and local cheese; cheese toast on homemade bread

Sunday Dinner:
Pizzas on homemade whole wheat crusts** with local mozzarella, local tomatoes, and local vegetables

Monday Breakfast:
Liza: Scrambled local eggs
Gretchen: Homemade bread with homemade strawberry jam

Monday Lunch:
Liza - Local sliced turkey, local mozzarella cheese, organic raisins
Gretchen - Leftover chicken soup from before the experiment; small homemade pizza leftover from Sunday
Monday Dinner:
Liza - Raw peas, buttered noodles
Gretchen - Pasta carbonara made with local noodles, local broccoli, local bacon, organic cream, etc. ; local cherries

Tuesday Breakfast:
Liza - Chick-Fil-A (indulgence alert!)
Gretchen - Homemade bread with butter, homemade muffin

Tuesday Lunch:
Liza - buttered noodles, local raw peas
Gretchen - leftover pasta from Monday dinner, local raw peas

Tuesday Dinner:
Liza - buttered noodles, local sliced turkey
Gretchen - pasta salad with local turkey, local beets, local cheese, and a whole mess of other stuff that was in my fridge 
Tuesday Dessert:
Homemade brownies 

Wednesday Breakfast:
Liza - Scrambled eggs
Gretchen - Organic oatmeal topped with local salsa and local cheese; local cherries

Wednesday Lunch:
Gretchen - Leftover pasta salad from Tuesday dinner, local string cheese
Liza - Local string cheese, local raw peas

Wednesday Dinner:
Liza - Local sliced turkey, organic raisins, local apple, local raw broccoli
Gretchen - Pizza made with homemade crust, leftover pork from before the experiment, BBQ sauce, grilled local zucchini, grilled local green peppers; baked sweet potato
Thursday Breakfast:
Liza - Whole wheat toast with butter
Gretchen - Homemade muffins, local apple cider

Thursday Lunch:
Quesadillas made with local lavash bread, with local cheese, leftover pork, BBQ sauce, and leftover grilled veggies from Wednesday

Thursday Dinner:
Chipotle (indulgence alert!)

** I make my own pizza dough, and I par-bake a bunch of single-serving size pizzas all at once.  When they've cooled, I freeze them and can bring them out to use one at a time.

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