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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raspberries - the trilogy

In 2008, we taught our 3-year-old how to pick raspberries:

In 2009, our 4-year-old taught us how to pick raspberries:

In 2010, our 5-year-old decided taking pictures was more exciting that picking raspberries:

For three years in a row now we've gone to Rosby's to pick raspberries.  Each year we've been lulled by the bucolic sounds of earthmoving equipment and freight trains - the farm is practically downtown:
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One of the reasons I like going there to pick (other than the excuse it gives me to make tons of raspberry jam) is that it's fun, even if you don't particularly want to pick.  This year Liza gave up on picking after 10 minutes or so, and she was happy running around in the row, chasing bees and photographing wildflowers.  There's a place for the kids to run off some energy in the shade:

And three of the sweetest Frisbee-fetchers in the county waiting for you to make your way past their yard on the way to pay for the berries:

And, oh yeah - fresh raspberries are one of nature's most perfect foods.  Especially when you combine them with outrageous amounts of sugar and spread it onto homemade bread .... mmmmmmm.  So get your butt in gear and find someplace near you to go pick some!

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