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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Urgh, my aching feet

Today's cooler weather had me in a fall mood, which meant I finally felt like giving the kitchen a REAL workout.  The fruits of 7+ hours of labor:

For anyone playing along at home, that's five quarts of canned chopped tomatoes, four cups of canned tomato juice, two full recipes of pesto ready for the freezer, one batch of basil+olive oil ready for the freezer, three containers of chicken broth ready to freeze (in recycled jars - no, we didn't can in those), and a recipe of strawberry-rhubarb sauce that's ready to freeze.  And a loaf of bread - how could I forget that?

And I made dinner, too - what Jason dubbed "Frankenburgers," thanks to all the good bits that kept falling off while he grilled them.  Onions, mozzarella cheese chunks, and a heaping dollop of basil make for some pretty fine burgers - although not quite as fine as the Baba Burgers from a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I made something else while I was in the kitchen all day ...

... a metric ton of dishes.  Oh, well - you can't make an omelet without breaking any eggs, right?

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