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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First run to Fitch's

I had seen a sign for lettuce and asparagus at Fitch's farm market as I drove past this weekend, so when the opportunity presented itself to drive up there yesterday, I jumped at the chance.  If you're going to eat seasonally, you have to grab life (and asparagus) by the horns.

Unfortunately, the weather has been so cool and wet recently that the farmers haven't had a chance to harvest any asparagus since last weekend, so all they had on offer were some hoop-house tomatoes and a whole lot of bedding plants.  You can tell my little gardener was heartbroken ...
note the windbreaker and rain boots - it was u-g-l-y out yesterday

While we were there we picked up a few more plants for our garden.  Liza is now the proud parent of two sunflower plants, each of which should grow to be about 24" tall, which means "they'll be easy for me to water."  I didn't bother to point out that the water goes on the ground, even for the 10' tall ones, because frankly I don't have any 10' tall stakes.

I bought some tomato plants - pink heirloom Brandywines, some deeply lobed (which I mis-typed as "loved" three times before I got it right - paging Dr. Freud!) Conestogas, and something called a Tomatoberry.  That last one is probably some sort of weird GMO cross between a halibut and a Better Boy, but the pics of the fruits were just too cute to pass up.  After all, I've got to have something to put on top of all those greens, right?

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