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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Go Gadget Garden!

Yesterday was the official start of our gardening season.  We trekked to the first garden store, jackets zipped firmly against the chilly breeze, and purchased a few essentials to get us going.  These include:

  • two types of basil (regular and bush, which I'm trying for the first time)
  • rosemary
  • lemon balm
  • citronella-scented geranium
Liza decided to use part of her garden space for the common good, planting half a dozen strawberry plants and a catmint.  We had already started a few seeds in her garden, some decorative gourds and a few edible pumpkins that will start making their bid for world domination ... just as soon as they germinate.  And I had gotten a small head start in our garden last week, planting a row of mixed salad greens just before a torrential rainstorm hit.  I was pretty sure they'd all been washed away, but yesterday as I was planting the rest I found a whole row of identically adorable seedlings, 1/16" tall and looking for the world like I managed to do something right in the garden.  

Add all that to the few survivors we have from previous years - lavender, thyme, oregano, bee balm - and we're off to a good start.  This year we'll be forced to focus on quality over quantity, as we've moved all of our good soil around to the front of the yard, where we'll be growing our tomatoes and beans right next to the sidewalk that leads to our front door.  

Very convenient for weeding purposes, as long as I can manage to disguise some of the less attractive veggies.  I think we'll be skipping the brussels sprouts this year, as much as I love them - they take up too much room, and they're quite frankly odd-looking.

But tasty, oh, so tasty.  Good thing the sell them at Fitch's  in the fall ...

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